Khao Sam Muk

April 17, 2015    |    By Admin


Khao Sam Muk
For couples who wish to be lucky in love, Old local peoples suggest that they should offer a little kite, Kanom Krok (grilled coconut-rice hotcakes), Khao Lam or young coconut to Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk Shrine, as an act of praying at the shrine. Legend tells the story of true love of Muk and Saen, that even death cannot separate them. On the hilltop, there is a perfect spot to take a picture of a very impressive sunset atmosphere. Don't be frightened by the sound of firecrackers ...Boom...Boom. Local fishermen believe that before going to catch fish, they have to light up firecrackers for Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk Shrine so the spirit of the hill will protect them from harm. They also make a wish to catch many of prawns, crabs and fish.



Location : at Sam Muk Cape, from Ang Sila, follow highway 3134, then turn right and follow the guidepost indicating the route to Sam Muk about 1 km., if coming from Bangsaen beach, follow the road along the beach, heading to Laem Taen Cape about 2 Km.